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Custom Resin & Polystone Process – Images of your mascot or asset is all you need for us to make a great Custom Collectable Resin or Polystone Figure or Model

The process for making Custom Resin &  Polystone Figures or collectables is easy & straightforward

Resin makes an ideal solution for high quantity & quality one piece models/figures. Each model being handpainted & finished for that individual collectors appeal.

Polystone figures/statues represent the highest quality finish & attention to detail. Usually reserved for models at least 9″ high, fine sculpting & advanced hand painting techniques are applied to bring your masterpiece to life.

Both the above materials & methods are perfect for limited editions.

4 stages of making beautiful bespoke Resin or Polystone Figures

Stage 1..

We work from your visuals, sketches or description. At this stage a dedicated project manager can advise about style & specification making the absolute most of your character to suit the campaign, purpose or goal.  From here a handsample will be provided (this can be tweaked if/as required). On shape approval we can proceed to painting in any colour matching Pantone references as required.

Stage 2..

The tooling from approved handsample can be used to produce thousands of perfect units each exactly the same. Paint is applied using a paint mould & by hand, being QC checked throughout production.

Stage 3..

Your Custom Resin or Polystone Figures or collectables are now packaged as required, after final QC, carefully packed ready for dispatch.

Stage 4..

Secure transport & prompt delivery is expertly arranged to your door (or direct to your client, as required).

Leadtime from concept to delivery of your Custom Model, Figure or Collectable

Approximately 9-13 weeks (handsample 20 days, once this is approved production 30-35 days (depending on complexity & quantity) & shipping 35 days or just 7 days airfreight).

FAQs about PVC Collectable Custom Models / Figures

What Custom Model / Figure & branding options do you have?

Your character, mascot or asset can be produced as a custom made Figure or Collectable. These can feature accessories of any kind, they can be stand-alone or on a plinth, with or without branding & be presented in any kind of packaging. 

What’s the minimum order quantity for Custom Resin or Polystone Models or Figures?

Generally the minimum viable quantity is 1000 items, (however larger, complex or high value finished product can be fewer, as this will offset higher, low-volume unit cost). Re-orders can be lower.

What will a Custom Model, Figure or Collectable cost?

This depends on size, complexity & quantity, once we have an idea of these we can quickly calculate a price for you, usually within 24 hours.


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