Group of Gel Keyrings and Fridge MagnetsCustom Soft PVC Processan idea or image is all we need  to make a great promotional or retail Custom Keyrings & Bespoke Fridge Magnets!

The process for making Custom Soft PVC Keyrings or Fridge Magnets is simple & quick

Soft PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)  is an ideal material from which to mould custom fridge magnets or keyrings.  It allows for flexible, multiple coloured layers on one or both sides to give a 3D effect. These can be replicated thousands of times over.

3 stages of making a bespoke Soft PVC product

Stage 1..

We work from your visuals, sketches or description. A dedicated project manager can advise about style & specification making the absolute most of your character, logo or shape to suit the campaign, purpose or goal.  From here a handsample will be provided (this can be tweaked if/as required).

Stage 2..

Production can be started on approval of handsample. Product will be exactly the same as the approved handsample, they are QC checked throughout production then carefully packed, ready for dispatch.

Stage 3..

Secure transport & prompt delivery is expertly arranged to your door (or direct to your client, as required).

Leadtime from concept to delivery of your Custom Soft PVC Keyring or Fridge Magnet

Approximately 4-8 weeks (handsample 5 days, production 15 days & 7 days airfreight).

FAQs about Custom Soft PVC Keyrings & Fridge Magnets

What Custom Soft PVC & branding options do you have?

Your character, mascot, logo or asset can be produced as a custom made Soft PVC Keyring, Fridge Magnet, LED Torch, Phone Holder etc featuring 3D effect relief.

What’s the minimum order quantity for Custom Soft PVC Keyrings or Fridge Magnets?

Generally the minimum viable and economic quantity is 1000 items for a Soft PVC item.

What will a Custom Soft PVC Keyring or Fridge Magnet cost?

This depends on size, complexity & quantity, once we have an idea of these we can quickly calculate a price for you, usually within 24 hours.


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